Aven - Adjustable Circuit Board Holder
Ideal for clamping printed circuit boards up to 198mm (7.75") and up to 4mm thick for soldering, desoldering, or rework.  Allows for 360 degrees rotation.
BEAU-TECH SH-80 Spudger Soldering Tool
BEAU-TECH SH-80 Spudger - Heat resistant, non-conductive prober, conical at one end, flat blade at the other end, approximately 6" long, gray color.
Caig - Deoxit D5 5oz Aerosol
Deoxit D5 Aerosol - More than a contact cleaner - Dissolves Corrosion, Improves Contact, Protects Surfaces. Flushing action, safe on plastics. 5oz spray can
CHP-170  (Hakko) Ergonomic Micro Flush Medium Cutter
Ergonomic flush cutters for soft leads and wires up to 16 AWG, "Dolphin" ergonomic red and black handles, carbon steel, patented return action spring reduces operator fatigue.
Desco - Nylon Soldering Tool (Spudger)
Nylon soldering aid, approximately 6 inches long, with point at one end and flat screwdriver shape at the other end. Great for opening up the split line of small electronic devices like MP3 players, cell phones, etc without damaging the cases.
Desco - Probe Kit (Dental Picks)
Four Stainless Steel "Dental Pick" probing tools (one straight, one curved, one bent on a 45 degree angle, one with complex bend/angle). in a vinyl pouch. Made in the USA.
EDSYN - Filter Set, Stationary and Rotating, for FXF11
Filter Set contains one each rotating front filter and charcoal impregnated stationary rear filter
EDSYN - Fuminator
Powerful bench top fume extraction system provides ultra-quiet and compact two stage filtration, dual adjustment arm, ESD safe, stand with solder spool holder, (solder not included)120vac 60 Hz 12vdc transformer.Bonus - spare set of filters included - $10.50 value
Hakko - 611-2 Double Spool Solder Roll Holder
Hakko 611-2 weighted base double roll solder spool holder for two each 1 pound solder rolls (not included).
Lindstrom - Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers
Ergonomic round nose pliers with black and blue handles.
Lindstrom - Ergonomic Short Chain Nose Pliers
Ergonomic short chain nose pliers with black and blue handles.
Lindstrom - Oblique Ergonomic Flush Cutter
Oblique 45 degree ergonomic flush cutter with black and blue handles
Lindstrom - Refurbished Ergonomic Flush Cutters
Refurbished Lindstrom RX8131 Ergonomic Flush Cutters, refurbished and hand sharpened with a diamond file by EAE Sales.
Lindstrom - Refurbished Ergonomic Flush Cutters HS8141
Refurbished Lindstrom HS8141 Ergonomic Flush Cutters, refurbished and hand sharpened with a diamond file. 
Lindstrom - Reverse Angle Oblique Cutter
Reverse Angle Oblique Cutter with white handles.
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