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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. Joe C  COO

    I received the Weller sensor. Thank you for your prompt response, the excellent service, and your honesty refunding partial shipping charges.

  2. Tom Sherwood  Ex avionics tech, ham, homebrewer, all that stuff.

    Dealt with EAE both at hamfests and online. Saves the day with vital soldering equipment and accessories that may be hard to get. Recommended.

  3. Frank Jaworski   Ham/Electronics Design and Repair

    Thank you for the effort you have made to complete this order! I certainly appreciate your personal touch and I am happy to support your business by ordering my Weller items through you versus the big stores.

  4. Robert Ridgeway  Director of Engineering

    I purchased my first EDSYN 951SX soldering station from Bruce over ten years ago and it is still working perfectly. I then purchased another one to have at home. Recently, after finding the "W" soldering stations we had at work were beginning to fail, I contacted Bruce and ordered two more for work. We are now converting our entire shop to the EDSYN units since they are superior is every way. The added benefit is conducting business with Bruce. He is ethical and prompt. I have referred several people to him over the years and they have all been immensely satisfied.

    The wide variety of tips that are available for the EDSYN 951SX assure that whatever your particular project entails, it can handle it.

  5. Dennis Patterson  Professor of Law

    Bruce fixed my vintage Luxo halogen desk lamp perfectly. Great service, fair price. I am totally satisfied.

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