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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. ALLAN COLES  Retired 767 Captain

    You would be truly blessed if every internet purchase you made was handled by someone as knowledgeable, competent, and accommodating as Bruce Sander.

  2. Al Freeman  EET; CS, Mechanical Engineer

    The products I purchased from EAE Sales over 15 years ago are still working as designed and helping me complete many projects and emergency tasks without fail.
    I'm STILL on board with highly recommending EAE and their high quality equipment, 5 Star customer service, and the equipment knowledge base of the owner, Bruce.

  3. PMG  Architect/Illustrator

    I just wanted to THANK YOU again for restoring my Luxo Task Lamp and two Luxo LC Lamps! I have been using Luxo lamps since the late 50's when I started college and have relied on them ever since. You don't realize how much you depend on things like these, until they go down and leave you scrambling for alternate solutions!! You have given me back my working space and I'm exceedingly grateful!!

  4. Tom D  

    I am so grateful for your efforts to pass along your soldering knowledge and keeping the old stuff going.

  5. Loren Jentz  Broadcast Engineer

    I have an Edsyn 951SX Loner solder station. One day I accidently dropped the soldering pen on the floor. The ceramic heating element in the solder pen cracked and the heating element became an open circuit. The solder station was broken. I was able to purchase a new replacement heating element from Mr. Sander. He was very helpful on the phone instructing me how to go about replacing the heating element, and making sure that I knew how to recalibrate the solder station once I had the new heater element installed. I completed my first solder station repair and recalibration. The advice he gave me over the phone was absolutely essential and was the reason my first solder station repair job was so successful.

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