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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. Patrick Russell  

    There are few companies that are a PLEASURE to do business with. EAE is one of the best! Great American made products. Great prices. But best of all, GREAT service! If you need soldering irons, solder, or related equipment, EAE is your best source. I purchased an EDSYN 951SX temperature controlled soldering station from EAE. Since then, Bruce has taken care of all my needs. Search no further! Bruce should consider teaching customer relations, ethics, and service to the multitude of companies out there.

  2. Jeff Covelli  

    My wife and I are really happy with our new mag lights, very smooth and just nice!! All your stuff is great. I'll recommend you to all and have so far. See you again at Dayton and your site is set up perfect and your way of helping folks out is great.

  3. Robert Ridgeway   

    Thank you for your prompt service and for introducing me to the EDSYN 951SX soldering station. Every time I use it I am thrilled with the results. I keep a variety of tips ready for the different applications and with the adjustable temperature, the connections always come out fine. I still get immense satisfaction from both units (EDSYN 951SX and refurbished Hakko 472D) I bought from you. They perform magnificently.

  4. Mr. Mark Hall  

    I picked up a used Vemco VL-4 drafting lamp which had a loose light socket that moved like a bell clapper. Surprisingly, Mr. Sander of EAE Sales was able to repair the lamp to perfection. From an industrial standpoint, Mr. Sander should have the suffix Esq added to his name. EAE Sales is a very classy business operation and is at the top of their game.

  5. Richard Balzano  

    I have 2 Chrome Luxo small task lights which were purchased in 1973. They were approx $250.00 each when purchased new. I have used them continually for the past 40 years and they still looked like new. However their interior shade housings (plastic parts) had dried up and as a result the inner reflector shades were loose and the lamps became very hot without this part which also provided insulation as well as stabilization for the inner shade. I started my quest to repair these lights with Luxo but they no longer serviced these lights nor had parts. A very kind employee at Luxo recognized my disappointment and recommended I contact EAE Sales and give them a try which I did and I am very glad. I just received the lights back and they are as good as new. This was a difficult repair as new parts had to be made from the remains of the old parts which fortunately I retained when they literally fell out ot the lamps in pieces. (The new parts are made of fiberglass - a much better material for this purpose than the original plastic). A lot of time and effort went into this repair - fabricating parts etc. and I think another company would probably not have bothered. I whole-heartedly recommend EAE Sales. They are very conscientious and do a great job. Bravo!

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