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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. Richard Saltzberg  President wh5 Media Group

    EAE Sales has come to the rescue so many times repairing my Luxo and Artemide Tolomeo lamps. Bruce always provides exceptional customer care and service.
    He's absolutely, positively my "GO TO " person for solving complex lighting issues.

  2. Joe  Luxo Fluorescent KFM Magnifier to LED Conversion

    I wanted to let you know that the Super Luxo (my name for your LED upgrade) is still going strong since your conversion in January 2018. It hasn't so much as flickered. Your LED kit has really taken the standard fluorescent Luxo to the next level. The dimmer function is especially nice. I usually leave it on about halfway as that is plenty bright enough for use with my PC. The light stays on a average of 16-20 hours a day, as I kind of use it as a night light for that room also. Thanks.

  3. Susan  Calligrapher

    Thank you for giving my 54 year old Luxo a new light on life. It's wonderful to have it back on my table (in a temporary base for now) helping me with my art work. Yahoo!

  4. Jon Golden  Chairman, Profusion Industries

    EAE Sales is far more than a sales agent. They offer best in the business technical support for the products that they represent, even if you did not purchase directly from them. My experience with Bruce Sander relates to my LUXO drafting lamp that had some electrical problems. I found Bruce on the web, and even though the lamp was originally purchased 30+ years ago, and was manufactured with electrical components that have been unavailable for years, Bruce assisted with the troubleshooting, was able to find original schematics, and facilitated the process bringing my lamp back to like new condition. And it was all done at an exceptionally competitive price point. It is great to find another human being that is dedicated to making finely crafted products go the distance, as they are far superior to the "throw it away and buy a replacement" varieties that are pervasive today. I recommend Bruce and EAE Sales, and we all have a responsibility as citizens of the Earth to endorse this sort of business.

  5. Tom Fisher  

    I opened the box, looked over the Luxo LS chrome lamp, put a bulb in, and tried it out after Bruce refurbished it. I was and still am thrilled! The cleaned up lamp with its new silver cord, which is much nicer than the original white cord, looks fantastic! I'm impressed with your thoughtfulness, promptness and professionalism -- all too often missing in business today. Thank you Bruce!

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