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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. Robert Tarsio  President of BDI (Broadcast Devices, Inc.)

    Thank you for you rapid service. I am very pleased that you stand behind your warranty and know a thing or two about customer service. I will recommend you in the future to anyone who is looking for soldering equipment as you are a reliable guy, a rarity these days.

  2. Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ  

    Bruce has been great in selling the many great products at all the hamfests and every time, he says, you have to try an EDSYN 951SX soldering station. Well, after burning up my tips on the older Weller all the time, I decided to try one and sure enough, what a great way to solder. First the handle does not get stuck in the "holder" and having the roll of solder mounted on the top to get at conveniently is a plus also!
    At first I did not think I would like the control for tempurature much, but when not soldering, turning it full down certainly saves the tip from burning up and when turned up, it gets plenty hot fast, so I am sold on the EDSYN 951SX, just a great product!
    I also purchased 2 of the LUXO magnifier lamps many years ago and also great products!! Thank you Bruce.

  3. Patrick Russell. W8PMR  

    Bruce Sander has supported our High School and Middle School programs for three years through his generosity, and donation of products. The young adults have successfully launched and recovered 3 weather balloons, as well as numerous build projects. From digital temperature sensors, to pressure sensor, to APRS tracking data, all were built, and programmed by the students. The use of EDSYN 951SX soldering stations make soldering so much easier. Thank you Bruce!

  4. Charles Underwood  

    After calling Mr. Sander, I received the exact information I needed to rewire and reassemble my task lamp, and I learned a lot from him during what became a somewhat lengthy, very informative, and enjoyable conversation. Mr. Sander was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and generous with his time and expertise, and I believe that Luxous is very fortunate to have him as its post warranty consultant. He is a great credit to Luxo.

  5. Robert Ridgeway  

    I still continue to be impressed by how much better the EDSYN 951SX works than all of my previous Weller stations. Thank you for recommending it to me a few years ago. I used the EDSYN much of today and every time I am pleased with how dependable and effective it is.

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