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EAE Sales Customer Testimonials

  1. Richard Waple  

    Bruce gave my beloved 25-year-old Luxo halogen desk lamp new life: I was sure it was destined for the landfill after the on-off switch failed, because Luxo itself had already told me that replacement parts were no longer available. But Bruce did the impossible, tracked down a replacement switch and returned the lamp in like-new condition. Quite apart from the repair itself, Bruce was a pleasure to deal with. He kept me informed at every stage of the process, and his charge was more than fair. Customer service should all be like this! Thanks Bruce!

  2. Richard Saltzberg  

    Thanks for the brilliant service, communication, and customer care! No wiggling, no dimming and no overheating! My LS task lamp is perfect and Luxo should be PROUD! Thanks for doing a terrific repair job. I'll definitely keep you in mind for my Luxo repairs and promote EAE to all my friends and clients.

  3. Christopher C  

    The postman just delivered the Luxo LS1A lamps, and you have done marvelous work. The new switches are solid, and actually feel nicer (with their more rounded contours), than the originals. I should probably consider sending along some of my other old Luxos in order to have their switches and wiring replaced too, even before they fail. Your rates are more than reasonable (are you sure you're charging enough per hour?). Thanks so much for all your care; you can be sure that I will be passing the word along!

  4. Patrick Russell  

    Received the materials ordered today. As usual, service is beyond comparison. Wendy really appreciates the de-soldering tool, and the diagonal cutter! MANY thanks for the solder samples! Coming to your booth was one of the great experiences at Dayton!
    Thanks for the help, the advice, the quality equipment, and a truly wonderful business! Anyone needing assembly equipment, this is THE place to purchase!
    Thanks, Bruce!

  5. Patrick Russell  

    There are few companies that are a PLEASURE to do business with. EAE is one of the best! Great American made products. Great prices. But best of all, GREAT service! If you need soldering irons, solder, or related equipment, EAE is your best source. I purchased an EDSYN 951SX temperature controlled soldering station from EAE. Since then, Bruce has taken care of all my needs. Search no further! Bruce should consider teaching customer relations, ethics, and service to the multitude of companies out there.

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