EDSYN - 951SX Loner Soldering Station
An industry standard, highly dependable, cost efficient. accurate linear temperature control dial, 400-800 degrees F  range, 95 watt heater, ESD safe, wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN tips available, 120vac, 60Hz, extended 2 year warranty. Made in the USA.__BONUS SPECIAL- 4 spare multi-hole sponges, spare LT392 extra long conical tip, LT371 very small chisel tip,  Heavy Duty LT337BC Chisel Tip  (a $34 value FREE - while supply lasts)__NOTE: Special free items not available with Refurbished or Used items!__NOTE: A larger tip retaining sleeve, RS271, ($16) will be required to utilize the LT337BC heavy duty tip..
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