Hakko -  A1174  24V-60 Watt Heating Element
Replacement Heating Element for Hakko 807 Pencil style desoldering handpiece
Hakko - A1009 Ceramic Disc Filter for 470 Series Desoldering Base Unit
A1009 Ceramic Disc Filter (10 pack)  for "last chance" filter in the base power supply
Hakko - Spring Filter for Hakko 470 Series Desoldering Handpiece, (10pk)
A1030 Spring Filter for 470 Series Soldering Handpiece. Pack of 10 or individually priced at $1.35 each
Hakko -A1033 Ceramic Disc Filter for 470 series Desoldering Handpiece
Ceramic Disc Filter for 470 Series Handpiece  (10 pack)
Hakko NEW 807 Desoldering Handpiece
New Hakko 807 Desoldering Handpiece - Replacement for all versions of 472, 473, and 703 Desoldering stations.  60 Watt heater
Hakko Refurbished 807 Desoldering Handpiece
Refurbished Hakko 807 pencil-style handpiece with new 60 watt heater, new seals and filters for use with the Hakko 472, 473, 703, 472D desoldering stations.
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