Luxo New Halogen Air, Part Number 16715AG
Luxo Halogen Air is a self-balancing task light with a spring-balanced 24" arm for maximum reach and flexibility.  It has perfect balance and smooth movement that makes it feel feather light - in spite of its steel construction.  The shade remain almost parallel to the work surface regardless of arm positioning to optimize light and eliminate glare.  Edge clamp mount, color - aluminium gray. 115 vac, 60 hz.
Luxo New Verit Task Light, Part Number 16424BK
Luxo New Verit is a versatile task light that adapts to any work environment.  A high efficiency electronic ballast provides flicker-free illumination.  Verit produces glare-free illumination and provides a large area of comfortable and ergonomic illumination at an economical price.  Spring balanced 33" arm and flexible shade can be turned and fixed in almost any position. A 13 watt compact fluorescent bulb provides 1200 lux on the workplace.  Classic design in the Luxo tradition. Clamp on base.  Available in black (BK) . 115 vac, 60 hz.
Luxo Ninety LED 32.5" Arm White Task Light
As the winner of numerous international awards for design and functionality, Luxo's Ninety LED Table Lamp combines energy-efficiency with asymmetric light distribution. Bright, warm 300 Lumen light and superb color rendering it suitable for any modern office environment. A spring-balanced arm, double-action rotating base, and sleek head gives the Ninety Table Lamp excellent range of motion. It is dimmable and incorporates energy-saving automatic 9/4 hour shut-off functionality. Color temperature 3250K, 5.9 Watt Bulb, Aluminum body, weighted base, 5 year Warranty. Part Number 16738WT
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