Weller - PTZ_ Series 800 Degree F 3/64" Bent Chisel Tip
PTZ8 - 800 Degree F 3/64" Bent Chisel Tip for WTCP Series Station (TC201 Handpiece)
Weller - Replacement Heater for early vintage EC1503 Handpiece
Replacement Heater for Weller early vintage (with circuit board in handpiece) EC1503 High Performance Handpiece.Heater needs to be soldered into circuit board inside handpiece.
Weller - Replacement Heater for EC1301R/EC1302R/EC1302A Handpiece
Replacement Heater for the Weller EC1301 and EC1302 20 Watt Handpiece.
Weller - Replacement Heater for later vintage EC1503 Handpiece
Replacement Heater for the Weller EC1503 High Performance Handpiece for the HYC3000 and EC1002-3 Soldering Station.Heater has mini-connectors to attach to handpiece cord.
Weller - Replacement Heater for SP40 Iron
Replacement Heater for Weller SP40 Soldering Iron
Weller - Replacement Heater for WP35 Iron
Replacement Heater for Weller WP35 Soldering Iron.
Weller - Replacement Heater/Sensor for PES50 Handpiece
Replacement Heater/Sensor for 50 watt PES50 Handpiece for the WES50 and WESD50 Soldering Stations.
Weller - Replacement Sensor for early vintage EC1301 Handpiece
Replacement Sensor for Weller early vintage EC1301 Handpiece.
Weller - Replacement Sensor for EC1301R/EC1302R/EC1302A Handpiece
Replacement Sensor for EC1301 and EC1302 20 watt handpiece.
Weller - Sensor
Weller Replacement temperature sensor for ?
Weller - Slitted Sponge for PH Weller Stands
Square Replacement Weller Sponge (approximately 2.5" X 2.5") for use in PH series Handpiece Stands.
Weller - ST Series Soldering Tips
 Tips for the WLC100 handpiece, WP25, WP30, WP35 irons.There are various sizes of this product in the drop down menu to the right.
Weller - TC208  Heating Element
42 watt replacement heating element for older vintage TC201 soldering handpiece for the WTCP series soldering station and older vintage EC1201 soldering handpiece for analog and digital temperature controlled solder stations (3 or 4 screw model utilizing wire nuts for internal attachment) Recommend soldering the connections and using heatshrink instead of the wire nuts.  This newer version will require a new vintage BA60 Barrel Nut due to the larger outer diameter of the upper heater barrel (sold separately).
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