EDSYN - 2020 High Performance Digital Soldering Station
High performance digital soldering station, compact design, 53 watt heating element, 450-850 degrees F range, temperature set back, temperature lock-out, degrees F/degrees C display options, modular sponge tray, universal switching power supply, passcode lockout, push button external calibration, ESD safe, 100-240vac, 50-60Hz. Made in the USA
EDSYN - 951SX European Loner Soldering Station
EDSYN European 951SX-230B Loner Soldering Station. An industry standard, highly dependable, cost efficient. accurate linear temperature control dial, 205 to 427 degrees C range, 70 watt heater, ESD safe, wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN tips available, 230vac, 50Hz, 1 year warranty. Made in the USA.
EDSYN - 951SX Loner Soldering Station
An industry standard, highly dependable, cost efficient. accurate linear temperature control dial, 400-800 degrees F  range, 95 watt heater, ESD safe, wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN tips available, 120vac, 60Hz, extended 2 year warranty. Made in the USA.__BONUS SPECIAL- 4 spare multi-hole sponges, spare LT392 extra long conical tip, LT371 very small chisel tip,  Heavy Duty LT337BC Chisel Tip  (a $34 value FREE - while supply lasts)__NOTE: Special free items not available with Refurbished or Used items!__NOTE: A larger tip retaining sleeve, RS271, ($16) will be required to utilize the LT337BC heavy duty tip
EDSYN - 951SXe Loner Soldering Station
EDSYN 951SXe New Analog Variable Temperature Soldering Station. Smaller footprint design, 95 Watt heater,  115 VAC, 60 Hz.__Special - Spare very small Chisel tip, long angled tip, Large HD chisel tip Included at no extra cost. ($28.00 value)   NOTE:  The heavy duty tip will require a larger tip retainer, RS271 ($16) to utilize the tip.
Hakko - Factory Refurbished 853-2 Preheater
Factory Refurbished 853-2  Preheater used to preheat a circuit board with large ground planes, heat shields, RF shields, etc., so the soldering iron can properly melt the solder 120vac 60Hz
Hakko - Refurbished 703 or 703B Digital Self-Contained Solder/Desolder Station
Refurbished 703 or 703B  Digital Self-Contained Solder/Desolder Station with 2 each  907  50 Watt soldering handpieces and one 807 Desoldering handpiece with a new 60 Watt heater installed. 115VAC, 60 Hz three wire cord. operators manual.__NOTE: Handpiece stands may not be as depicted in the photo.  Desoldering Handpiece holder may be mounted on the side of the station.__SPECIAL BONUS:  2 Desoldering tips of your choice FREE with purchase of any Hakko desoldering station ($34 value).
Hakko - Refurbished 939-1 High Performance Digital Soldering Station
Refurbished 939-1 high performance digital soldering station, programmable temperature offset, temperature lockout feature, control card, 903 handpiece, stand, manual, ESD safe, 115vac, 60 Hz, 3 wire cord__SPECIAL - new spare A1245 2.4mm chisel tip included - Free
Hakko - Refurbished FP101-01 or FP102-01 High Output Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Refurbished FP101-01 or FP102-01  high output, temperature controlled soldering station with new handpiece, utilizing composite tips with 70 watt heater and sensor built into the tip, 4 selectable heat ranges - 650, 700, 750, 800 degrees F, 120vac, 60 Hz. (used tip included).
Hakko - SMD Hot Tweezer Kit
SMD hot tweezer kit, 50 watt handpiece with stand and tip alignment tool for use with Hakko 926, 927, 928, 929, 936, 937, 939, 702, 703 stations. ESD safe, easily removes SMD chips and SOICs up to 25mm.
Hakko 936-12 - Refurbished Analog Soldering Station
Refurbished Hakko 936-12  Variable temperature, stackable power supply, 392-896 degrees F range, with new 50 watt 907 handpiece, new generic stand, ESD safe, 120vac, 60 Hz.
Hakko New  851-2 Analog SMD Hot Air Rework Station
New Hakko 851-2 Analog SMD Hot Air Rework Station, includes 3 nozzles: 1.5mm ID, 2.0mm ID, 3.0mm ID, handpiece holder, nozzle holder, manual. Ideal for small chips with 2 terminations and transistors. 120vac 60Hz
Hakko Refurbished FX951-66 Single Port, Variable Temperature High Performance Soldering Station
Refurbished Hakko FX951-66 High Performance Variable Temperature Soldering Station, adjustable from 400 degrees F to 840 degrees F at plus or minus 15 degrees F, auto power shut-off after 30 minutes of non-use, programmable sleep temperature mode, temperature lock-out key, meets MIL-Spec, 120 VAC, 60 Hz. DOES NOT include tip.
OK Industries/Metcal - Refurbished MX500 Soldering Station
Refurbished Metcal MX500P-11 dual port soldering station with new handpiece and new sleeper stand. 115VAC, 60hz
OK Industries/Metcal - Talon Upgrade Kit
Talon Upgrade Kit includes Talon Tweezer Handpiece, stand, sponge, tip removal pad, (tips not included) for use with the Metcal MX-500 and PS2 stations.
OK Industries/Metcal Refurbished PS2E-01 Soldering Station
Refurbished Metcal PS2E-01 Soldering Station with stand and new handpiece, 115vac, 60Hz.
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