Thermaltronics TMT-9000S-1
New Thermaltronics TMT-9000S-1 Complete Soldering System is based on Curie Heat Technology which responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material. 100-110VAC, 60HzFeatures: High Thermal recovery and performance13.56MHZ power supply with built-in LCD displayDual switchable soldering portsNo calibration or operator training requiredComes complete with a soldering tip (Unlike Metcal MX500)
Weller - 30 Watt Soldering Iron
Professional 30 Watt stick iron, features an interchangeable HE30 plug-in heater, three wire power cord, 120vac, 60 Hz.
Weller - 80 Watt Soldering Iron Kit
Heavy Duty 80 Watt stick iron, heats up to 900 degrees F. Comes with 3/8" chisel tip, iron support stand, 5 foot two wire power cord, indicator light. 7 year manufacturers warranty. 120vac, 60 Hz.
Weller 8200 Soldering Gun Kit
New Weller 8200 Soldering Gun Kit, Dual range soldering gun, 100/140 watts, 120VAC 60Hz
Weller D550 Heavy Duty Professional Soldering Gun
New Weller D550 Heavy Duty Professional Soldering Gun, Dual Range 200/260 watts 120vac 60Hz
Weller New WTCPKGCC Solder/Desolder Government Kit
Weller New WTCPKGCC Solder/Desolder Government Kit, with 9 soldering tips, 7 desoldering tips, extras, in a compact metal case.
Weller WTCPT Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
New Weller WTCPT Solder Station, "Magnastat" tip temperature controlled (600, 700, 800 degree F), TC201T handpiece,PT series tips, 42 watt heater, ESD safe, 120vac, 60 Hz
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