Luxo Factory Refurbished LED-3000 Ring Light
Luxo Factory refurbished LED-3000 ring light for use on stereo zoom microscopes, maximizes light output and distribution while preventing harmful glare and reflections.  The brilliant 40 LED display, with 50,000 hour lamp life and 6000-K color temperature, makes this ring light ideal for the inspection of surface cracks, defects, as well as lead-free solder inspection.  Self-contained on/off and dimming controls all for dimming down to 15% output.  Consumes 9 watts of power and produces up to 3600 footcandles at 4.5" working distance.  A removable/replaceable diffuser cover allows for easy cleaning and LED array protection from damage and contamination, 115 vac, 60 hz.  ESD safe
Spectroline Refurbished SB-100 Black Light, Long wave-365nm
Refurbished Spectroline SB-100 Super High Intensity Long Wave Black Light, 365nm. 115 Vac, 60Hz
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