Weller - 30 Watt Soldering Iron
Professional 30 Watt stick iron, features an interchangeable HE30 plug-in heater, three wire power cord, 120vac, 60 Hz...
Weller - 40 Watt Replacement Handpiece
Replacement 40 watt handpiece for older Weller stations with Analog or Digital temperature control. (5 pin connector) Uses ET Series tips..
Weller - 80 Watt Soldering Iron Kit
Heavy Duty 80 Watt stick iron, heats up to 900 degrees F. Comes with 3/8" chisel tip, iron support stand, 5 foot two wire power cord, indicator light. 7 year manufacturers warranty. 120vac, 60 Hz...
Weller - BA60 Barrel Nut
BA60 Retaining sleeve and nut for holding the tip in place on the TC201, EC1201, PES50, and PES51 soldering handpieces. Newer vintage BA60 required on newer vintage EC234 plug-in and TC208 wire in heaters for the TC201 and EC1201 handpieces due to the upper portion of the heater barrel having a larger diameter.  ..
Weller - ET Series Tip ETA
ETA Chisel tip, 1/16" wide, 0.62" long, standard tip on EC1201, PES50, and PES51 Handpieces...
Weller - Fume Extractor
Bench top fume extractor with carbon filter, 120vac, 60Hz..
Weller - Heating Element for newer vintage TC201 and EC1201 Handpieces
40 watt replacement heating element for newer vintage TC201 handpieces for the WTCP series soldering station and the newer vintage EC1201, (2 screw attachment, plug-in style internal attachment). NOTE: Heater has a portion of the OD that is larger and will require a newer vintage BA60 Barrel Nut to retain the tip...
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